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Minimalist Glass Water bottle black and white
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600ml Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle

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All purpose glass water bottle. Fits well in backpacks and cupholders when on the go, minimalist design to keep things simple

Product Details

  • Durable Glass Body With Double Enforced Glass Base
  • Wide Mouth Opening
  • Silicone Wrap and Coaster for Non-Slip Grip
  • Dishwasher Friendly Glass - Hand-wash lid
  • Saves Money Over Disposable Water Bottles
  • Reduces Waste and Landfill
  • BPA, PVC and BPS Free


Height: 9.875" 
Mouth: 2"
Diameter: 2.625"
Weight: 388g

Care Instructions 

Recommended care for high borosilicate glass:

  • Hand wash the lid; do not place in dishwasher
  • Fill with liquid first and then carefully add ice
  • To retain heat; Pre-heat the glass before use
  • Avoid placing bottle into a crowded dishwasher
  • Use white vinegar to remove and clean stains.