New Product: Zero Waste Bottle Brush

About time right? We have been selling our popular minimalist glass water bottles since 2016 and are finally adding a brush to our line of goods.

What we love about this brush is that it’s zero waste. Featuring strong hemp fiber bristles and a long German beechwood handle that will be able to scrub out those tough stains at the bottom of your ELDR Bottles. Beyond the brush itself, it’s packaged with paper bag tied up with a hemp rope to avoid wasteful packing material, something we are working towards with our water bottles.

14" Long
3" Brush Diameter 

Early reviewers have mentioned it's a great toilet brush too, so you may need to buy a couple ;) 

I won’t take more time away from your day describing something so basic. Instead, here are some awesome photos our photographer James Huston took.

bottle brush
zero waste kitchen goods